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Half a Tweet’l Do

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Do You Have a (Half) Twitter-length Pitch?

Traditionally, it’s been called an elevator pitch.  The name is based on the idea that during the length of time it takes for an elevator ride (30-seconds to a minute or so) you can deliver a quick summary that succinctly describes what you do, for whom you do it and why what you do is valuable to the prospect with whom you’re speaking.

There are some other definitions out there, but for our ad agency and broadcasting clients that works.

However, this is about something even shorter than an elevator pitch.

We’ll call it a Twitter-length Pitch because Twitter allows you only 140 characters per message.  So, it’s considerably more brief than even an elevator pitch.  You can say a lot of words in a minute, not so much in a 140 characters, counting spaces.  In fact, since you’d like to be able to write it on your letterhead, business card or website, let’s call it the Half Twitter-length Pitch.

By the way, before we go any further, let me say this is not a mission statement.  Please.  Mission statements generally contain some of the most blue-sky, pompous, rambling and, yes, boring combinations of meaningless words ever strung together.

We’re talking about a concise benefit message of substance, one that’s all about what’s in it for your client or prospective client.  It even guides your entire sales process.  (Heck, we could write an entire blog on just that last sentence, and we will.)

For broadcasters, this is not the same as your on-air slogans for listener or viewer consumption, e.g., The Golden Hits of the Seventies and Eighties, or Southern Arizona’s News Leader.  For your sales efforts, we think a Half Twitter-length Pitch is all about selling YOU to prospective clients.

At Rhino Writes, we put our pitch front and center on our website, on our business cards, and at the top of our letterhead right under our logo: Helping Ad Agencies and Broadcasters Get and Keep Bigger, More Profitable Clients.  This, counting spaces but not the period, is 81 characters.

Develop a pitch that really drills down to the core of what you can do for your clients, something that really nails the benefit(s) of working with your station(s) or agency.

For us, this is not just a slogan; it’s a sales pitch; it guides what we do. When talking directly to a prospective client, we bring it to an even more personal level: Helping You Get and Keep Bigger, More Profitable Clients.

Here at the posh but not overly ostentatious Rhino Writes Institute of Anti Mumbo Jumbo high-rise, we believe broadcasters and ad agencies need a Half Twitter-length Pitch specifically for selling clients.

It’s just a few words that can instantly differentiate you from the competition.

The traditional elevator pitch is an extension of that, with a formal pitch to a client being an even further extension of same.  Whatever the case, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CLIENT… first, last and in between.

Anyway, that’s how it looks from here.


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Written by rwadmin

April 11th, 2012 at 4:10 pm